Our story

Beleco® was founded in 2014 on the belief that beauty hides in nature itself and that everyone should turn to nature for inspiration and information about skin and hair health.

Beleco is a New York-owned company with offices in New York and Copenhagen. We started this business over eight years ago, experimenting with textures and the healing power of natural, organic ingredients. The formulas are created by our talented founder and chemist, Jordana Beleco, who used her knowledge and love for nature to make the first Beleco product, hand balm. Once the formulas for various products were perfected, Beleco saw the light of day.

Ever since Beleco’s beginning, the products we create are cruelty-free, vegan, and the packaging is fully recyclable. Beleco is Climate Neutral Certified, powered by renewable energy; we use glass and recyclable packaging.

Today, Beleco has over 50 products, categorized in 4 collections, found in some of the finest retail hotspots in the United States and Europe.

Organic and natural

Nature is pure, and so are our Beleco products. We create plant-powered balms and oils formulated only with clean ingredients – you won’t find petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances in our collection.

The three best-selling Beleco products are Thyme Soothing Spray, Tame Your Hair Serum, and Resurrection Hand Balm. Although the mentioned products are used for different purposes and different body parts, they have one thing in common: they improve the skin barrier, leaving only healthy bacteria on the surface of the skin.

So, no matter if you choose to use one of our sprays, balms, or oils, you can be sure that the ingredients in the products are clean, plant-based, and will help your skin heal, stimulating collagen; keeping it youthful, fresh, and nourished.

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